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How Does It Work?

We monitor thousands of websites for discount codes, sales, special offers, or price mistakes and when we find something good in a category you are subscribed to we send it your way! We also get sent deals and codes from our loyal subscribers who want to spread some good karma.

In the future we will be launching a premium service where you can pay a small fee and receive even more deals, additional categories, and exclusive deals and free givaways. Stay tuned for more information.

How many emails should I expect?

It all depends on how many great deals we find. We generally send one daily email with the top deals in your categories and will sometimes send additional emails for flash sales or price mistakes we think might be important. So you could get 1-3 emails a day depending on how many categories you're subscribed to.

We only send out exceptionally good deals, though, rather than spamming your inboxes to meet an artificial quota.
In the future premium subscribers receive even more deals and free givaways.

Will You Spam Me With Lame Deals?

No Way! We hate those email subscriptions that implore you to buy crap because they get a commission. We don’t receive any commission, so our only interest is helping people find steals. This also lets us work with brands to get them to pass on what they pay as commissions as a bigger discount to you.

What Makes You Better Than Other 'deal' Sites?

Our search process is exhaustive and includes all the new online-only brands that most deal sites miss. Plus, unlike other sites, we don’t get any commission if you buy something. As a result, we only send out genuinely good deals.

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